Where can I find the wood wallpaper? — /post/56157810704/just-a-vacation-home-ive-built-recently-for-the. Thanks.


It’s by Maxis, it comes with Bon Voyage EP :)

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Uberhood: Pleasantview
55 Woodland Drive (Brokes)

Brandi’s new kitchen and livingroom

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Apparently, my game hates me…. send help!

I’ve got another problem… You know guys that little lag when you open up your game for the first time and you go through catalogs as your game creates the thumbnails for all your cc and stuff? Now I have it all the time, there is a small lag every time I switch to another section of the buy/build mode… It’s not that much of a deal, but it still annoys me. I’ve never had such a problem before, so I feel puzzled and helpless. I’ve already tested my game with and without my Downloads, I’ve even tried to remove the mods from the installation directory (such as rug fix etc), and I also tried creating a brand new neighborhood.  NOTHING WORKS. Does anybody know what could be the cause of my problem?

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Installing TS4

here I gooooo

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/post/78468430039/goth-mansion-livingroom WCIF Walls T-T have a great day


They’re here by Evanesco.

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Hi Amon,i love your work <3 is amazing /post/83568898845/pleasants-house-dining-area WCIF walls and recolor of chair, if not a nuisance :$


Hi and thank you very much! The walls are here by shasta (wallpaper) and from LifeStories bundle here (brick), the chair recolors are here by Vimpse ;)

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Hello there, I was just wondering where you got the toilet and sink recolors from Florence's bathroom? (/post/91399473139/uberhood-bluewater-village-15-lake-meadow-circle) I really like your makeovers! Really makes me want to try the Uberhood.

Hi! You’re so kind *gives a hug* :D The recolors are by Shasta, here.

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/post/83963450285/angelas-bedroom WCIF what is the bedding of Angela's bedroom? and the pictures pls

The bedding is here by Hafi (the floral set). The deer picture came with IKEA SP, the photo of Dustin is a recolor by Kahlena here (meshes here) and little pictures are recolors by Poppet, here.

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/post/84068252716/wip wcf walls ,pls i love you simblr,sorry my english is to bad :(


Your English is ok, as long as I can understand you, there’s nothing to worry :) The white stucco is by Maxis (I think it came with the base game), the vertical siding is by OhBehave here and the brick wall is here :)

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